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I really appreciated how knowledgeable Kathryn was and how compassionate she was toward me and my family! The facility was super clean, and I liked the private meeting rooms. Kathryn Schroeder put me at ease during this difficult time. She truly is a gem!
~ Crystal   P. - 6/2/2022

Rebecca went above and beyond her duty. Thank you! Thank you for offering the website. We were able to read all the comments. Rebecca was so awesome in more than one way!
~ Todd   T. - 5/31/2022

I wish I could remember all the staff that we came in contact with but my mind was not good during that time, but 100% satisfied with absolutely everyone! The navy flag at half-mast was incredibly touching!! Our dad would have been so impressed! Jessica was wonderful. All other staff members that we had contact with were very helpful, caring & professional.
~ Lori   L. - 5/24/2022

We were very satisfied with the service and preparation of our loved one and would highly recommend your facility! There was not just one but they all were very considerate and showed compassion during our time of grief!
~ Donna   P. - 5/18/2022

The service provided was everything I could have hoped for. It made an extremely stressful and difficult time much easier to manage. Thanks totally to Mr. Jed Dunnichay. He was extremely kind, empathetic, and very helpful. He represents Newcomers in an outstanding and professional manner.
~ Mary   B. - 5/12/2022

I literally couldn't ask for more. Samantha Lambert was caring, sensitive with our feelings & needs.
~ Carol   A. - 5/5/2022

Excellent service from everyone was very respectful they made it very personal rather than just another person. Pepper for being there for us answered all our questions and Kim allowed me to see my dad and help with the cremation. It had been 2.5 weeks since my father passed away Kim and pepper made it possible for me to see my dad before cremation and be part of the whole process. That was the closest to getting closure with his passing as it was unexpected.
~ Lisa   F. - 4/8/2022

Jeff Bour was professional, helpful, clear, etc. Great job! Megan Castilleja was extremely helpful with follow-up questions and information. Pleasant and professional. You helped me regarding my mother's passing. I'm a retired minister with involvement in hundreds of funerals and memorial services with numerous funeral homes, most of which are very good. Newcomer and its staff are outstanding.

~ Pauline   H. - 3/28/2022

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