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Our daughter died much sooner than we expected.  We had not chosen a funeral home before she passed.  Searching Google reviews for a funeral home when I had to make a quick decision was a surreal experience.  The reviews on Google for Newcomer helped me feel comfortable with choosing your services.  Our experience was the best we could have hoped for.  Thank you.  
~ Deena   H. - 5/17/2023

The communication was excellent.  I live in Missouri and my mom lived in Dayton, OH and James communicated via email to keep me informed.  He made arrangement based on our entire families travel schedules.  Within 5 days of all permits being obtained which included a weekend, we had the funeral.  It was wonderful.  I would highly recommend Newcomer to anyone.
~ Mary   B. - 5/14/2023

I was absolutely amazed at the appearance of our loved one at the viewing. I didn't know what to expect, but it exceeded my expectations. We were very pleased to have Alaynah help us through the funeral process. She is wonderful!! 
~ Randy   H. - 5/11/2023

Your staff was exceptional in both my pre-planning and actual arrangement. They went above and beyond in ensuring my unusual services (university of Tennessee) went smoothly. This made the unexpected situation much easier. 
~ Glenna   B. - 5/8/2023

Rebecca did an outstanding job. Dennis took time from his own schedule to attend visitation.
~ Laird   B. - 5/5/2023

Adrianna was excellent throughout the entire process. She was very caring and compassionate. She made sure all our needs and wishes were met. The following day Becky was very caring, compassionate and helpful.
~ Jack   P. - 5/3/2023

I have had 5 arrangements with this funeral home, 3 of them have been with Tonya. She does an amazing job.
~ Ronald   A. - 4/30/2023

Samantha went beyond in assisting me especially with sending my husbands body to Virginia. No improvement needed! You are all excellent!
~ Zondra   M. - 4/28/2023

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