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You guys did an amazing job! Thank you! Stephanie did an excellent job in handing our memorial service for our loved one and was very compassionate.
~ Angel   C. - 10/11/2021

Of all the deaths with which I've had to deal this was the most difficult. Funeral Director Jessica's understanding was the greatest help. The words thank you just don't convey our gratitude.

~ June   P. - 10/6/2021

The graveside services were just perfect. Everything was so nice. Funeral Director Lindsey was so helpful, kind, and respectful.

~ Krista   M. - 10/6/2021

I was treated with such compassion it certainly eased the situation. Jeff and the girls made it more like friends guiding my family & navigating through some rough waters. I really appreciate the sensitivity they showed to us. You are lucky to have such quality people represent you. All employees were very nice and exceptionally personable and caring. You have a wonderful staff. I really can not stress enough how valuable your people were to us. They were so kind and encouraging and very patient through this difficult time. Absolutely top-notch throughout.
~ Karen   C. - 9/30/2021

Pepper Jackson and each and every person from Newcomer treated me and my family respectfully and were very professional. They were sincere and caring and available when we needed them. I would definitely recommend Newcomer Funeral Home!
~ Connie   F. - 9/26/2021

We made funeral arrangements with Lindsey after my dad passed at Hospice of Dayton. Sitting down with her to go over our service, she gave us many options, and just wanted us to be happy with the decisions we made. She was amazing and made all of our wishes a reality. We had an Air Force Color Guard detail, VFW came for the gun salute, and the casket was draped with the American Flag just as we requested. I could not have asked for a better outcome, everything was perfect! Thanks to the professionals at Newcomer who made my Dad's service special!
~ Mark   P. - 9/24/2021

The staff was very professional caring and accommodating, all the difference for a mourning family.
~ Emer   M. - 9/23/2021

Jessica Strickland assisted our family with setting up both my mother's funeral for July 12th and the my father's funeral for July 30th. Jessica helped on the day of my mother's service and assured that our family and friends were taken care. Then Stephanie helped on the day of my father's service and also made sure our family and friends were taken care of. I would also like to give special thanks to the individuals in the background that helped in giving guidance from placing the casket into the Hearst, guiding us is to the cemetery, removing the casket and watched over our needs then stood watch over each parent until they were placed in the ground. Their support and care gave such comfort to all of the family and our friends. From the deepest of our hearts, thank you.
~ Debora   H. - 9/22/2021

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