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The service I received exceeded excellent! I felt so cared for and respected for my needs that I want to continue to stay in touch. Jeff was very helpful with the obituary and finalizing details. Barbara was helpful in preplanning the casket and funeral details 1.5 years earlier. 
~ Ruth   A. - 4/4/2019

Tonya was extremely helpful, understanding and compassionate. She knew my brother and I were overwhelmed and grieving while attempting funeral arrangements shortly after our sister's death. She also suggested a pastor and he was wonderful.
~ Bonnie   B. - 4/2/2019

Prices were lower than expected. The staff made the process smooth and easy considering the circumstances. Paula did a fantastic job!
~ Mary   G. - 3/29/2019

The services were excellent. We couldn't have been happier with how mom looked and the way we were treated. Tonya handled everything that we asked of her.
~ Timothy   R. - 3/27/2019

I was extremely satisfied with the care my husband received. From taking care of the arrangements of him being flown back from Wisconsin to helping with the death certificates, Pepper and staff made a hard time bearable. Pepper was great before, during and after the funeral. She has stayed in touch with me every step of the way.
~ Aleisha   G. - 3/27/2019

Extremely satisfied. The funeral director helped us have the service as soon as possible and the staff was very helpful with the insurance paperwork.
~ Walter   H. - 3/25/2019

Newcomer employs an exceptional group of people whose first concern is to meet the family's needs in preparing to say goodbye to their loved one. Their compassion for the family is seen in every employee you interact with. Their knowledge and guidance given with all the decisions that are made about your loved one's final goodbye, provided so much comfort and ease for my family. I will highly recommend your services because of your staff's sensitivity, concerns for our wishes, attention to detail and overall help with planning choices.
~ Tracy   M. - 3/22/2019

My family and I were completely satisfied with Newcomer and more importantly, Stephanie. She was just everything and more - sensitive to needs, friendly, nice, soothing, understanding, exactly what is needed at a time like that. She was great in helping with our mom and great once again with our dad. Amazing!
~ Sheila   B. - 3/19/2019

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