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All the staff members I came in contact with were kind, thoughtful and helpful.
~ Barabar   M. - 3/9/2018
The staff at Newcomer, especially Dave Tackett, went above and beyond to make sure every single wish my mother had was taken care of. I was able to handle coordination of all tasks from over 1200 miles away. When I arrived in Dayton, everything was expertly prepared and every last detail was addressed. I simply could not have made this happen without Dave. Thanks Dave - and the entire Newcomer staff - for allowing our family to focus on celebrating my mother's life as she wished.
~ Matt   M. - 2/18/2018
Excellent experience, my Mother was well taken care of and was Beautiful.Staff was Awesome and Compassionate very helpful.I want to Thank Newcomer for everything they did it was Perfection !!!
~ Brian   C. - 2/2/2018
Couldn't ask for better service. Cheryl Kelly was wonderful, helped us a lot and all the staff after help us a lot and super nice.  
~ Richard   W. - 1/24/2018
We were pleased with all the help we received- it was so unexpected  that I think we were in shock and their help was wonderful. They even allowed my sons dog to come along and that alone helped my granddaughter to get thru the service. Thank you so much. 
~ Carolyn   A. - 1/24/2018
Everyone was so wonderful. Thank you. The facility and staff were incredible. They treated us like family. They laughed and cried with us. God Bless them. 
~ Timothy   N. - 1/24/2018
Two days before my father's funeral, we found a document indicated he wished to be cremated and instead of buried, as we had all previously believed. The staff at Newcomer worked very quickly researching laws, changing plans and rearranging schedules to ensure we would honor his wishes. I am so grateful for your team. Stephanie Madden- was our primary planner. Patient and flexible and worker her butt off despite being sick when our plans changed. Laura Wilder helped expedite the cremation. Wendy Fisch did Dad's makeup and helped expedite the cremation. Jacqueline- great attention to detail and communications and patience on the day of the service. 
~ Susan   W. - 1/24/2018
Newcomer; since the year 2004 we’ve visited and made several arrangements with the passing of grandparents, uncles and other family members. I’m a way it’s sad to say they had become our second home. At the same time, that should tell you about their outstanding service and compassion for what they do and the people. They have walked us through many service plannings and have been there with our family as we said goodbye to some of our loved ones. I’ve been to many funerals in life at many different funeral homes and one thing is clear, there is literally NO PLACE like Newcomer! Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into the company, it truly shows! Thank you for being an outstanding company to work with in the most difficult times! There’s so much more I could say and don’t really know how to put into words other than, thank you!
~ Megan   K. - 1/22/2018

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